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Employ talents sincerly

   " everybody is a talent ", it is Shanghai JialiliKey idea about talent's strategy. Lack talent to hinder main factor that Company develop from , but lack the mechanism of turning out talents, each employee has one's own strong point and weakness , what the company should develop and use is exactly the staff's strong point, so long as give play to the staff's latent energy to to maximize, regardless of controlling rationally , getting a qualitative leap on talent's utilization ratio and economic benefits of the company of manpower cost.

  Talent's strategy has been Shanghai all the time JialiliThe important component of the development strategy, " know people make the best of , appoint people on their merits , bring into full play each one's ability " is Shanghai JialiliChoose the right person by aim," whether last talent, develop by talent " Shanghai JialiliConsistent policy,too Shanghai JialiliCore of talent's strategy. In Shanghai JialiliGrowth among course,for Shanghai in first-class one talent JialiliHave established trade pioneers and established the solid foundation.

  " human-oriented " It is Shanghai JialiliThe important idea of the corporate culture, talents are the first resource, and foundation of development of enterprises , foundation of the competition . The electricity is electric in China, there are broad personal development space , fine personal growth environment , effective performance examination incentive mechanism , abundant corporate culture and munificent welfare treatment ; In Shanghai Jialili,There are a whole set of scientific talent recruitment , choose , use and human resources management system developed . All these, make every have lofty ideals, capable people can give play to heartily at one's own post, realize the self- aspiration !

 Shanghai JialiliTalent idea: Let the distillation here of real knowledge let life be forged here.

 Welcome more outstanding talents to join Shanghai Jialili,Shanghai JialiliWill give you enough space , will let you give play to heartily!


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