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Shanghai galilee valve manufacturing co., LTD., is located in international metropolis - Shanghai. System is a set production and sales of various valve professional manufacturers, with gate valve series, valve series, series of check valve, ball valve series, valve series, valve series, butterfly valve series, the series of trap, the plunger valve series, the series of plug valves, forged steel valve series, stainless steel valve series, power station valve series, the respiration valve series, the diaphragm valve series, the hydraulic control valve series, type needle valve, regulating valve, etc... Nominal diameter 6 mm - 2000 mm (1/4 "- 80"), nominal pressure 0.1 Mpa - 60 Mpa (150 lb to 3500 lb), the working temperature from 196 ℃ to 300 ℃ . Main materials used: WCB steel casting. WC6 chrome molybdenum steel, molybdenum WC9 chrome vanadium steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, 316 l stainless steel, 2025 stainless steel in high temperature, products widely used in petroleum industry, printing and dyeing industry, iron and steel industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, building industry, textile industry, paper-making industry in areas such as widely used.

More than a decade, has been adhering to the user needs as the core of galilee, at the same time in the focus on market development of the country's intentions in the service of new and old customers, won the praise of many enterprises trust and, gradually set up good company brand in the national regions. Consistently committed to rely on science and technology, continuous innovation, and strive to develop a variety of products, can according to all kinds of standard, all kinds of materials, all kinds of standard design and manufacture all kinds of valves in the form of drive. Galilean with good technology and management to bring you quality assurance, by the good prestige in return of the broad masses of users of the series products of galilee love, adhering to the "all for customer satisfaction" business philosophy, will continue to apply new technologies, new processes, new materials actively develop new products, to provide better products for users.



Clear the huangpu river, quiet moonlit, yi yi is against the Shanghai galilee valve integrity fellowship.


The forecast future, galilee valve will continue to blaze new trails, advancing with The Times, to revitalize national industry to struggle!


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