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  Shanghai Jialili Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd, is located in the international metropolis - Shanghai. It is one joint venture to be, collect , produce all kinds of floodgate valve , stop valve , ball valve , butterfly valve , water conservancy control valve serial products integrative large-scale manufacture specialized factory. The company was established in the 1990s, covered an area of 58000 square meters, 3 relatives went to enterprises, forge and make the valve , cast three great production centres of the valve , special valve, there are more than 1500 staff now, its product is applied to each field such as water conservancy , architecture , fire control , electricity , petroleum , chemical industry , metallurgy , heating power , medicine extensively Jialili .There are more than 15000 kinds of products now , has already set up the research and development centre in the national same trade's leading level, have domestic and advanced the whole performance test center of valve, introduce , develop advanced CIMATRON three-dimensional CAD design and CAM , CAE , FMS ,etc. auxiliary production management , product make software system, have numerical control machining centers, plasma welding machine, the full-automatic gas is protected and welded , the semi-automatic vacuum dissolves the welder , exceed vacuum heat treatment apparatus , car ball special-purpose numerical control lathe , high-efficient to process special plane , physics and chemistry , flaw detection apparatus ,etc. all kinds of processing checkout equipment more than 300 frequently. Make , accord with U.S.A. API , ANSI , Britain BS , Germany DIN , France NF , standard ALISON product all kinds of , JIS of Japan and GB ,etc. of China, products such as metal sealed ball valve , heavy-calibre long-distance pipeline ball valve , partial butterfly's valve of heavy-calibre three-dimension ,etc. among them, obtain a series of national patents. The valve is open directly : 6mm-3000mm, 1/4"-80",Nominal pressure: 0.1MPa-42MPa , 150Lb-2500Lb, working temperature: -196 ℃- 680 ℃. Connect the form : Whorl , flange , welding and clash, the material is carbon steel , stainless steel , alloy steel , 鉻 molybdenum steel , low-temperature steel , nodular cast iron and other special steel. The drive way has manual , transmission of the worm gear , gear wheel transmission , air operated , liquid-operated , electronic. Can produce it with next development in order to expand , Shanghai that invests in RMB 50 million and takes up an area of 5.333 hectares makes well Jialili The second stage of industrialized country of valve is under construction.

   In order to realize " Jialili The products operate " this service goal under the intact state, Jialili Have set up and served sound , complete marketing service system- 25 service departments, 60 in a district, 175 service sites in the whole country most, take the lead in putting out and setting up customer's file , and the system of fast reaction of 4 hours in the same trade. hours in the same trade Jialili .The valve goes through the tempering of more than ten years, take shape Jialili Peculiar mode. The high-quality products have got the customer's permanent trust; The complete service has gained the friendship and lived forever Jialili .Plain with tripartite equilibrium science and technology, insist on regarding in the world characters as the goal , pioneer and keep forging ahead , innovate , high-quality and keep one's word realistically ; By 2008, strive to finish the sales amount of 1 billion yuan, total assets reach 600 million yuan, form the international valve group company incorporating science , industry and trade into an organic whole.

    At limpid Huangpu River , quiet moonlight night, are setting off Shanghai sparklingly Jialili Sincere friendship ties of the valve.

    Look forward to future, Jialili The valve will continue pioneering and inventing , growing with each passing hour , will work hard for revitalizing national industry!

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