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Our corporate culture includes a lot of respects, but " human-oriented in main recommending , efficiency is that first, quality is a key link , innovate for the soul ". Summarizing is two words " conscientiously ".
People first is Shanghai Jialili Important component in the corporate culture. Shanghai Jialili All staff of valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd have only difference of work positions, do not have the difference that it is important and not important. Shanghai Jialili Require the staff to respect one's own value at first, could obtain others' respect , Shanghai Jialili Staff do a good job of own job conscientiously only,could respect, and whether regard respecting these alls by foundation oneself as. Only on the such basis, its responsibility of every department, is conscientious and meticulous in work, may guarantee the quality of the whole , accomplish people first.
Efficiency is that first, Shanghai Jialili Think simply and clearly it is the basic principle of the corporate culture , it is simple of course, uncomplicated. Can pay attention to efficiency on the simple and clear basis. Don't complicate anything simple , strive for and make the complicated thing simple. The thing fixed will be done immediately soon, it is best soon to do: Have suggestion have idea get out of someone else know after getting out of just: Afraid of , make mistakes, but want , summarize fault constantly, can't same first mistake but makes again: Only in this way, our work quality could be improved constantly, our working environment will become happy , simple and clear easily . Thus we could have high efficiency.
Quality is a key link , quality is Shanghai Jialili Life. Shanghai Jialili Hope there is high quality in the environment of the work , each report has high quality , everybody's job has high quality, there is high quality to maintain the cleaning, the products are the high quality too! Quality concerns Shanghai Jialili Rise and fall Honor or disgrace, it is Shanghai to pursue a hundred per cent quality Jialili Eternal goal.
Innovation is a soul, Shanghai Jialili Operation policy just take scientific and technical innovation. We can't stick to the established practice , the experience that we should summarize over the successes and failures constantly, on the basis of summarizing over experience, we give play to one's own potentiality, develops the new method , new outlook of open-up, bring our products , our undertaking up to a new step .
Summarize, Shanghai Jialili The marrow of the corporate culture lies in two words " conscientiously . Mao Zedong says: It is two words conscientiously that people are most afraid. We require our staff to work conscientiously , study conscientiously , live conscientiously . It can't be careless that we do anything, regardless of developing a product or writing a little notice, no matter sign a great collaborative project or only write a little memorandum, we must all do conscientiously . Only we have done conscientiously , we could make quality , makes efficiency, can just innovate better .

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